All About Summer!  (Pre-teen Edition)

All About Summer! (Pre-teen Edition)

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This book filled loot box will keep your pre-teen entertained and busy this summer!  It includes:

  • "The Stinky Truth":  This hardcover book details the adventures of Sam Lyttle. It’s school break and he has big plans. Then, Mom gives him a challenge: Sam can only go to see Cry Wolfe, starring his all-time favorite crime-fighting hero, if he makes it through the school break without telling a single lie.  Will our serial fibber pass the challenge? And why can’t Pudding the cat stop farting?
  • Whoopee Cushion:  An excellent companion to the book "The Stinky Truth" :)
  • "King of the Bench: Comeback Kid":  Another hardcover book about Steve who is King of the Bench. No brag. It’s just a fact. And this season, Steve and his athletically challenged best friends Joey and Carlos—along with super athlete Becky O’Callahan—are joining the Mighty Plumbers basketball team. But instead of playing on the court, Steve is waiting on the sidelines to perform his top-secret ritual that turns the tide of every game in an instant. Why is it a secret? Well, big, drooly duh, everyone knows it’s a strict rule when selling a book not to blurt out the whole juicy plot!
  • Basketball Pen:  While doodling, play a game of catch with this on-theme pen!
  • "The Best Book in the World Because I Made It":  An innovative book that allows kids to take control and write the book themselves! With opportunities to doodle, finish simple comic strips, and create their own stories, kids will love allowing their imaginations to run wild. Kids can use the extra silicone letters on the cover to create their very own book titles!
  • Crayola Pencil Crayons:  Use this 24 pack of pencil crayons to draw and doodle with in your new activity book!