This Disney Frozen themed summer loot box is everything your child will need to keep busy this summer, especially if they love Frozen!!!  From gardening experiments, to looking beautiful with Frozen accessories, your little one will delight in this themed loot box!

All About Summer! (Frozen Edition)

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This summer themed loot box features all things from Disney's Frozen! It includes:

  • "Let It Grow":  Discover how plants grow with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf! Explore the plant world through fun activities and experiments. Learn what plants need to survive and grow, explore the different ways plants take in nutrients, discover how the environment changes plants and so much more! Photos and step-by-step instructions guide readers through planting projects and plant-themed arts and crafts.
  • Little Moppet Gardening Gloves:  Perfectly size for your child, these gardening gloves (in Frozen colours!) are the perfect companion to the book "Let It Grow".
  • OSC Carrot Seeds:  Grow your own Olaf nose with these seeds!  You can also use them, and your new gardening gloves, to complete the experiments in the book "Let It Grow"!
  • Frozen Notebook and Pen: Your child will need to draw and write down notes on those experiments and observations they'll be doing so why not do them in style?!
  • Frozen Necklace:  Because sometimes you need a little glam, even when gardening!
  • Frozen Lip Balm:  Your plants need moisture, so do you!  Fun lip balm (or lipstick!) for your child to dress up with!
  • "Forever Sisters": After all of their gardening adventures, this hardcover easy-to-read book will delight your little reader!