"All About Rosie Revere" is a new loot box detailing her new adventures with the raucous riveters! This box is filled with things you can create and play with while adventuring with Rosie and her friends through their latest adventures!

All About Rosie Revere!

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Rosie Revere, the great engineer! This loot box is filled with all things Rosie:

  • "Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters": Following the very popular "Rosie Revere, Engineer", this hardcover storybook follows Rosie and her friends trying to help with a mystery involving art and lots of paint!
  • "The 'Don't Get Caught' Doodle Book:  Rosie always has a composition book to take notes in and this one is perfect for that and more!
  • Paint Brush Pen: This may look like a paintbrush but it's actually a pen!
  • Art Canvas: The theme of the book involves art so we've included an 8" x 10" wood framed canvas for when inspiration strikes!
  • Paint Set: To be used for your canvas - or your new doodle book!
  • Polka Dot Headband:  Look like Rosie with her signature red polka dot look!