Start your learning journey of emotions with this fun loot box! Full of books and craft fun!

All About Emotions!

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Start your learning journey of emotions with this fun loot box!  For ages 3+ (or younger with supervision), this loot box includes:

  • Four Books about Emotions: These softcover books will entertain your little ones and they help beautifully illustrate 4 big kid emotions: Happy, Sad, Angry and Scared.
  • Crayola Large Doodle Pad:  This doodle pad has lots of pages for your child to draw their emotions or favourite characters from the books!
  • Crayola Easy-to-hold Markers: Two triangular easy-to-hold (and washable!) markers to draw with!
  • Sesame Street FingerPaint: Two tubes of washable fingerpaint for their creations!