This crafty loot box for toddlers will keep them busy for hours!  Filled to the brim with books, Crayola products, stamping kits, Play Doh, your toddler will NOT be bored!

All About Crafts! (Toddler Edition)

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This crafty loot box is filled with crafty goodness for your little one!  It includes:

  • "The Book About Nothing": This hardcover story is sure to delight!  It tells as story that has nothing to do with rainbows, rocket ships, meatballs, or wizards. Instead, it's full of zip, zilch, diddly-squat, bupkus. But don't worry, reading this book isn't all for nothing, because sometimes nothing is actually something.
  • Crayola My First Puzzle Stamping Kit: This kit includes anti-roll triangular crayons which help promote a proper writing grip when children are learning to form letters and color pictures, 9 animal stampers, 1 washable black ink pad, 8 washable triangular crayons, and 24 coloring pages. Children can sort through the stampers and learn to create proper animal pictures or mix and match them to create silly critter mashup!
  • Play Doh:  Two cans of Play Doh that is non-toxic and fun for the whole family to create with.
  • Crayola Tripod Grip Markers:  These markers will help guide little fingers to a proper writing grip.
  • Crayola Doodle Pad:  Lots of pages in this doodle pad to practice drawing, writing or more stamping!